I think what I love most about living in San Francisco is how close it is to amazing places like Yosemite and Big Sur. I’m pretty sure these are my two favorite places in the world. It so breathtakingly beautiful that your soul just takes a deep breath and exhales happiness…

This past weekend I drove down to Big Sur with my friends Elli and Elizabeth (and of course Newman, Elizabeth’s dog). Well, I don’t have a drivers licenses so I didn’t actually drive, I sat in the passenger seat and shouted ”Looook at that! I can’t believe how beautiful it is!”

I’ll let the pictures show you what a great time we had.

road hotellutsikt
We drove down on Friday and arrived late in the dark. Saturday we woke up to this view!bluebird
We had breakfast on outside and were joined by this guy and a lot of his friends.elli+newman
Elli loves animals and spent a lot of time taking pictures of Newman (this is how he spent most of his time, by the way, head stuck out of the car window gulping down air).
At Henry Miller´s library she found a new friend.elli+seagull
And at one of our many stops at vista points she spotted this seagull who posed willingly for her.seagull
When I snuck up to get a pic he wasn’t having it anymore though…mobilbild


We did a little bit of hiking. Mostly to get down to this amazing rocky beach. elli+havet


elizabethonbeach stenstrand


Oh, and we found this cool tunnel that led out to a secret outlook. bakery
Despite all of the beautiful views, the highlight of the weekend were the amazing meals we had. If you’re ever in Big Sur do me a favor and stop for lunch or dinner or any snack at the Big Sur Bakery. And Ventana Inn’s restaurant. Both have amazing food, the first also might treat you to some free desert and the latter has THE most wonderful tranquil atmosphere and a seriously bad ass view. Just look at this:

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