I have a bunch of photos I want to show you, but I just don’t have the energy right now to edit them all. So I found this blog list and thought I would fill the emptiness of the blog with it for now.

Right now, this is what I…

…long for: Summer in Sweden. Long, bright summer nights, picnics in the park and lazy days at my in-laws house in the country side.

…am sad about: Having to leave San Francisco. I know we’ll come back one day, but is kind of heartbreaking leaving our life here

…am happy about: Soon getting to spend as much time as I want with my family in Stockholm. I’m going to hug them to death!

…like to eat: I’d love to say healthy sallads, but really all I want is anything with sugar.

…look forward to: Spending the day at the Academy of science with my friend Elli tomorrow.

…like the most: my husband Henric (aaaaaw, too sweet I know!).

…read: a bunch of novels by Elizabeth Hand. Mats Strand mentioned her in the Swedish podcast Värvet and it made me curious. I loved her last two books Generation Loss and Available Dark but did not get Walking the moon at all.

…am stressing out about: Not having enough (paying) design work. As usual.

…like to listen to: Feministiskt initiativ’s (ie the new feminist party in Sweden) election compilation record. Check out here.

…dream about: Babies.

…get nostalgic about: Our life here in San Francisco.

Getting to see these guys IRL, instead of over Skype, will be so awesome!


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