A friend of mine asked me to make some photo booth props for a baby shower she was taking part in. To be honest I didn’t really know what she was talking about until I googled it…

Baby showers aren’t really a thing in Sweden and I’ve only been to one since I’ve moved to the US. But apparently it’s a pretty big deal here. And I have picked up on the fact that photo booths are a must at any cool party here. So my friends request made sense when I thought about it for a minute.

After spending way too much time fascinated by and researching the concept of photo booth props with baby themes, I didn’t have that much time left for the actually drawing part. But this is what I came up with:
(Also here’s a link to mother-to-be Sally’s blog where you can see the props in action!)





* I’ve been thinking of setting up an Etsy shop, maybe this would be something to sell there? It seems there’s a demand for these things out there. Would you buy it?

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