As a freelance designer I have found that it is super important to surround yourself with inspiring people. When I was younger and just recently found out that design was my thing, I was always a little wary of befriending other designers. My classmates at university were my friends but at the same time I kind of felt that they were competition. And I always felt like less of a designer when I saw the cool stuff they did.

But theses days I just find it inspiring having other designers around me. Sharing an office with other creatives is the best thing! And seeing all of the beautiful, creative and awesome things my friends come up with is a big part of what keeps me going. Instead of being intimidated and feeling small, I feel inspired and excited to create equally amazing things.

One of my talented friends is Elinor Hägg. She’s one of those amazing people who are just too creative to just have one type of creative outlet. She does it all; writes, designs, illustrates, take pictures, codes… My tip of the day is to check out her cool new illustration project leaveastory. She’s asking people to tell her a story and in return she draws a picture based on the story.

I mean, just look at this one she did when I told her about the one time I ever wrote a fan mail.




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